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Longboard Week


Surf Safari

To separate the advanced surfers from the beginners and intermediates, there is a week specially dedicated to advanced surfers.

Every morning, you and other advanced surfers will drive along the coast in a landrover to find the best waves of the day. These weeks are organized outside of the summer to optimize the chance of finding bigger waves. During a surf safari, you will take full advantage of the knowledge of local surfers, who know exactly where to go when, which breaks work with the specific conditions, etc. Because your requirements are so very different to a beginner's requirements, the surf safari was created to make the absolute most out of an advanced surfer's time in surf paradise. 

From € 360

2020 Dates:

March 14 – 21 
April 18 – 25
May 02 – 09
June 06 – 13
September 18 – 25
October 19 – 24 
Novemer 07 - 14


What is a Surf Safari?

If you're an advanced surfer, all you want is to surf the best waves. Because the Algarve has so many amazing beaches to choose from, it is really exciting to get in a landrover every morning in search of the best breaks. All week, you will be surrounded by like-minded people and surfers that share the same level as you. You will be stimulated and challenged by each other, and to get yourself to that next level. To really work on your surf skills, you will be filmed at least 3 times during the week, as there is no better way to learn than to see yourself doing it. Basic pointers will be given, and it's also a great way to grade yourselves on the IAMBANDS scales. Included in this package is a nutritious breakfast and lunch on the beach, created to energize you well, for your second session of the day.

Price without gear: From € 360

Price with gear rental: From € 428

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