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Special Weeks

Surf schools organize awesome special weeks for people that just cannot get enough of surfing.

With things like the Longboard Special, Surf Safari and Mad to Live Ladies Reatreat, you'll get an extra special experience on your next surf trip.


Longboard Week

Longboard Week

The longboard weeks are special packages, created for intermediate and advanced longboard surfers looking to improve their skills. The longboard weeks are all about surfing, having fun, and improving your technique. Through video analyses, you’ll get the chance to really pinpoint your bad habits and to improve them. Through theory and practice, you will learn/improve your duck dive, walking on the board, and the ins and outs of a handmade longboard. To top it off, a yoga lesson and a 30 minute massage are included!

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From € 499

2020 Dates:

31 Oct - 7 Nov

Mad To Live - Ladies Retreat

The Mad To Live retreat is a week full of surfing with expert tuition, sunset beach yoga sessions, horseback riding, sunrise trail running, outdoor fitness classes including surf specific training, and mountain biking. The activities will be combined with time to relax on the beaches and the towns. There will be an on site chef, preparing locally sourced nutritious meals, and free gifts from Roxy, Imsy Swimwear and more. With complimentary Faro airport trasnfers and luxury accommodation, it is the ultimate active ladies retreat in the sun.

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From € 1295

2020 Dates:

June 20 - 27
September 26 - 03 Oct
October 03 - 10

Surf Safari

To separate the advanced surfers from the beginners and intermediates, there is a week specially dedicated to advanced surfers. Every morning, you and other advanced surfers will drive along the coast in a landrover to find the best waves of the day. These weeks are organized outside of the summer to catch bigger waves.

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From € 360

2020 Dates:

March 14 – 21 
April 18 – 25
May 02 – 09
June 06 – 13
September 18 – 25
October 19 – 24 
November 07 - 14

Sunrise to Sunset Surf

If you can’t get enough surf in a week, and to get the most out of your surf trip, join a Sunrise to Sunset Surf week. A week that is dedicated to surf, surf, and more surf, from sunrise to sunset. Join together with like-minded people and enjoy as much surf as you can for 6 days. Included in this package is accommodation, 6 days intensive surf guiding, 2 video sessions + analysis, and 2 photo sessions.

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From € 399

2020 Dates:

November 14 - 21

Pro Training Weeks

Training weeks are organized to really improve your surf technique and surf skills. It's a camp for intermediate and advanced surfers. Requirements: you are able to stand up and turn both ways, and able to catch a few waves. Every day, you'll go out to find the best waves and move on to a different spot when the break eases off. You'll be filmed and photographed from the ocean and the shore for daily analysis. You'll get specifically designed breakfasts and lunches to keep you energized throughout the day. Extra:1 spa session with gym techniques to stay surf-fit when back home, a sauna session, and a 30 minute sports massage.

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From € 730

2020 Dates:
28 Nov - 05 Dec


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