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The Top 5 reasons to book yoursurftrip.com in Algarve, Portugal, this summer 2020

By: Laura Rhoden

Yoursurftrip.com has lovingly and efficiently created a top 5 list of why to book your trip, this 2020, right here in the Algarve of Portugal.

Surfen in portugal

1. The Weather in Portugal - all year round sunshine!

According to Google, “Portugal has a temperate maritime climate with hot summers and wet winters, affected by the Atlantic, Continental and Mediterranean influences. The climate also varies according to the altitude and proximity to the ocean.”

It’s also just really, really nice.

The winters are not entirely wet, they have some killer days for surf and although you may have to up your wetsuit impenetrability and thickness, you still get the sun on your back and a chill surf.

The summer surf sessions are wild. When you get the south swell hitting the southern beaches, ocean apparel of choice are bikinis and board shorts.

Surfen in Bikini in Portugal

2. The Food - Portuguese cuisine is known for its wealth of seafood. (and pastries)

To start with, we have ‘Cataplana’. Embodied in a copper clam shell pan and consists of prawns, clams, coins of chouriço, onions, garlic and generous glugs of white wine.

Sardinhas Assada - grilled, crispy, sea-salty, full-flavoured, fresh from the Atlantic sardines. This is a hugely celebrated, popular little fish that the Portuguese have managed to stamp their mark on forever. Eat them whole or on a little soft bun. Just eat them.

Pastel de Nata - sweet, lemon zesty, custard, filo pastry tarts. Or breakfast to the locals. These are adored by everyone and are a staple snack and breakfast gold.

Pastel de nata in Portugal

3. The Quality of Surf & Beaches in Portugal - the endless, countless beaches.

The Algarve coast hosts some of the most idyllic, beautiful beaches in the world. Portugal has two coast lines which enables you to keep on surfing. There is always somewhere to go for all levels.

The west coast is an amazing starting point for a road trip up the north if you wanted to venture somewhere new. We can also help you focus on what you want from your surf trip and really tailor it to your needs and expectations. The possibilities are endless and the Algarve is an amazing starting point. 

Surf strand in portugal, Algarve

4. Affordability - Restaurants and eating out is relatively cheap and encouraged.

Get to know the local farmer markets and you can drop on with some fresh, in season organic nourishment to take back to your accommodation if you are in need of a break from the rich, heady meals out.

Cafes are a powerful, social draw over here. Everyone oscillates around coffee, costing as little as 80 cents, you can grab a quick refuel at the local stops.

Car hire is really affordable in the Algarve, as are flights within Europe.

Coffee in Lagos, Portugal

5. Local Artists and Nightlife 

We have a plethora of extremely talented artists and musicians down here. All connected in someway, usually through surfing.

Hangouts host nights where local surfers who can jam, all get together and play their instruments, in a really relaxed, aprés surf environment. There is even the occassional art gallery by local artists, with flowing beer, warm nights and amazing music. Then hit the hay or if you are looking for a more wild night out, there are bars, clubs, DJs and a great party scene.

There is a real creative buzz going on at the moment and people are down to earth, welcoming.

 Painting by Sarah Hardie

Painting by: Sarah Hardie

These are honest reasons why we live and love what we do here. Start with a trip. See how you go. You never know. You may fall in love with the Algarve and surfing just as much as we have.

Do something for yourself this year and create some amazing memories.


Love, YST


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