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Must-haves for the women who surf 

By: Laura Rhoden

We're talking bikinis that keep your boobies in, face suncreams that don’t make you break out, what to do when you have your period at the beach, robies and chilly bottles...

Hydration to save the Nation

Plastic is not fantastic people so get yourself a Chilly bottle A.S.A.P. You save crazy dosh and you help the planet 750ml at a time.

Remember the rule, BIGGER is always better. They cost around 40 euros and we advise you get the bigger one as you never know where you will be. They keep water cool for 12 hours and hot drinks warm for 24 hours.

Get your Chilly Bottle in Lagos at COAST (not available online). 

Chilly Bottle in Algarve Porto do Mos for Yoursurftrip.com 

ALWAYS use protection...

Protection from the sun is super essential if you are out in the sea all day but have you ever thought about all the chemicals that come off in the ocean after you slathered on your sun protection? We searched high and low for an eco friendly sunblock, which needed to be water proof enough to last hours in the sea, not make you break out and applies easily. We have the following top 2:

Suntribe Mineral Sunscreen FACE & BODY SPF 30 - Chemical free and gentle

Suntribe is a huge name in the surfing world but we tend to find that the actual zinc in the metal pot can irritate a lot of ladies faces. So what they have come up with is a less harsh formula which is 100% natural. It is still zinc based but has no nano particles. It predominantly is made up of shea butter, coconut oil, beeswax and vitamin E.

This is sensitive enough to use on little babies too. However you do only have about 40 mins protection in the water but it does protect you instantly. Just reapply once you come out. Check it out here.

Sun Bum - Mineral face stick 50 SPF - Vegan and cruelty free

Sun Bum have a huge range of up to 70 SPF. This particular mineral stick is chemical free and 80 mins water resistance. They are really good for sensitive skins and shouldn’t have you breaking out as all the ingredients are nourishing for your skin. They don’t just stop at skincare they have a range of hair care products that have been developed to protect every inch of you. The fishes will thank you for it too. Check it out here.

Cropped work out tops... If you got the south swell coming.

Remember that surfing is a sport, so any work out gear that will support you upper body will work just as well in the water. Cropped, sporty, super stretchy halter neck designs are the best, we think, for keeping you strapped in and comfortable. Bottoms can be another issue....

You have to look for super stretchy material that will stay put other wise you will be fishing for your knickers rather than spending time on your board. Super stretchy being the key words in both top and bottom!
Avoid tie-side bikini bottoms, these do not stay put. Believe me. You might as well just be naked. One pieces are freaking hot at the moment too.

Check out September The Line for your next stay-put-and-keep-everything-in-surfwear, especially designed to do just that! 

Photo By: Harry Mark Photo for September the Line

Robie, robie, robie, robieeeee...

Another genius invention is the Robie Robe. Originally made in St Ives Cornwall, these beauties save your dignity while you change out of your wetsuits if you are not quite cut out to go full on nudey on the beach just yet. A dressing gown for the beach if you will. They come with a built in hood and are roomie enough for you to do whatever you gotta do in broad daylight, obviously within reason and the legal limits of the law.

Photo Credit: Robiesrobes

To the MoonCup and back....

Women have it tough anyway and periods have always been tricky at times to navigate. Not only do we have to contend with that every month we also have the added guilt of sanitary products having a negative impact on the environment. What is a menstruating girl to do!?
What we have seen is more more women using the Moon Cup. It’s incredible what this little silicone cup can do AND HOLD. It is designed to last for years so you already you are cutting out 99% of waste made my tampons and pads. It saves you a hell of a lot of money too. Can hold up to 3 times more than a tampon. 

Sanitary products are getting crazy expensive because of branding, fancy plastic casing for ease of getting up in there...plastic wrapped in plastic. Plus, toilets are a luxury at some beaches, so changing bulky pads and tampons is totally inconvenient.
MoonCup is super reliable, lasts up to 8 hours once you have it in place. It is also BPA free and hypoallergenic so even the most sensitive of skins can use it and won’t budge while surfing! You only need to buy one. Ever.

This little bad boy will save you in ways you never thought possible!

Photo by: gluteuspaximus, for Mooncupltd


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