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Why the Algarve is Europe’s
Surf Paradise

The Algarve coastline is beautiful, with clear water and rocky cliffs. A true surfers paradise.Praia do Ingrina, Portugal

If you haven't been surfing in the Algarve yet, go pack your bags and book your ticket! It's beautiful, the locals are extremely friendly, and the food is great. But moreover, the surf is amazing. Here is why the Algarve is considered Europe's Surf Paradise.

Ruby Ash surfing in the Algarve, Portugal. Girl surfing a green wave in the Algarve.Photo credit: RD Photography

The Algarve is surrounded by water.

The Algarve is the most southern province of Portugal, a country bordering only with Spain and the Atlantic Ocean. The Algarve is literally the south-western corner of Europe, and so the ocean is hard to escape. Most of the towns, like Lagos, Sagres, and Burgau, are right on the coast, in the middle of several beaches. 

A variety of beaches make up the Algarve coastline, with big waves and small waves, surf is great for everyone.

There are so many different beaches.

Speaking of being in the middle of several beaches, this is part of what makes surf in the Algarve so amazing. There isn’t one long beach, like in France, or California. The rocky coastline of the Algarve (which is absolutely stunning) has numerous beaches with different breaks, currents, and different waves everywhere!

A surfer on a big green wave on the West Coast of the Algarve, Portugal. On a beach like Praia do Amado or Cordoama. Photo Credit: RD Photography

It's not just one great coast, it's two! 

Being on the corner, the Algarve has both a south coast and a west coast. The west coast pretty much always has waves. The south coast has waves in winter, and they can be those perfectly fat green longboard waves. And because there are so many beaches, the size of the waves can differ massively between two beaches that are 100 meters apart. There is just so much to choose from.

Surf lessons for children are great in Portugal. The waves are small and the surf conditions are very safe. Kids surf lessons.

It’s good surf for everyone… Seriously, everyone.

We’re pretty sure you get it by now, but the Algarve truly is great for everyone. Beginner surfers, intermediate surfers, pro surfers, people that have never surfed before, kids that want to learn how to surf… I even got my mom in a wetsuit on a surfboard, she’d never done it before, and she just turned 65. She wasn’t exactly shredding, but she absolutely loved it! Kids surf lessons in the Algarve.

A pro surfer in an almost barrel in the Algarve, Portugal. Clear blue wave with winter surfer in Portugal.

There is good surf all year round.

We’ll be honest, which season is best for you, depends on the kind of waves that you’re looking for, and what you’re looking for in your surf trip. but if you’re happy to ride any kind of wave, because you just want to dip in the water and escape that office life for a bit, the Algarve is definitely the place to be. Check out the special surf weeks in the Algarve here.

A surfer girl with a beautiful sunset in the Algarve, Portugal. Sunrise to Sunset surfing in Portugal.Photo Credit: RD Photography

You can't escape the sun.

Can it get any better? YES! The Algarve has 300 days of sun per year. That’s a full ten months of sunshine. And no weak sun either, we mean a full on zink-or-red-cheeks kind of sun. See? This is why the Algarve is Europe’s surf paradise, it’s basically a sun & surf guaranteed trip all year round. Worth every penny!


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