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We are very passionate about the Algarve, about surfing, and about everything that has to do with both.
This blog keeps you up to date with all of that!
Read all about the Algarve, Portugal, the Ocean, the Waves,
the People of the Algarve, Surfers, Surfing, and more.


Must-haves for the women who surf

We're talking bikinis that keep your boobies in, face suncreams that don’t make you break out, what to do when you have your period at the beach, robies and chilly bottles...


When a blonde dreadlock DJ legend and owner of the oldest surf school in Lagos, Toby Millage, gets two coal makers, a forager, Master Chef Ingredient-picker T-Bone Chops and Jamie Oliver’s Youtube legend DJ BBQ together on a horse ranch in the Algarve with a bunch of hungry surfers... You know it’s epic.

Longboarder's Paradise

The original wooden boards have been swapped for epoxy boards, and have shrunk from up to 18” to 10”. But time has passed and the love for the art of longboarding is still very much alive.

Why the Algarve is Europe’s Surf Paradise

The Algarve is a European Surfer Paradise. It has great waves all-year-round, creating amazing surf conditions for beginner surfers, intermediate surfers, advanced surfers, pro surfers, surfing for kids, and surf lessons.

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