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Accommodation in the Algarve

Hostels, Hotels, Apartments, and more.

Two very important things that make your trip one to remember, the place you stay and the people you meet.

The West Algarve, like many holiday destinations, has many different types of accommodation. There are hostels, hotels, studio apartments, apartments, villas, and so much more. Different rooms to sleep in, such as mixed dorms, private rooms, private suites, private apartments, etc. Accommodation can be walking distance to the beach, walking distance to town, have a swimming pool… Can be a backpacker oriented place, a family oriented place, etc. Towns like Lagos, Praia da Luz, Burgau, Salema, Vila do Bispo and Sagres, Portimao, Alvor and Ferragudo -to just name a few lovely ones- all have their own charm and are different from each other. With our local knowledge, we will help you make sense out of all these choices and arrange the best fitting holiday in Portugal for you. 

Hostels & Surf villas

The great thing about hostels and surf villas, is that they are all about their common areas. It's about hanging out with other, like-minded people, getting to know them, having a barbecue together, going out for a drink together, and making new friends for life. Whether you are traveling by yourself or traveling with your friends, it's always great to meet new people. In most hostels you will share a room with other people, but sometimes they offer private rooms as well. Some hostels will have rooftop terraces with barbecues, others will have a pool, and others will serve the best breakfast you'll ever have. In other words; each hostel has their own unique feature that makes them a great option. 


If your days of shared bedrooms are over; it's time to look into staying at an apartment instead. Apartments will give you a lot more privacy than a hostel, and especially if you travel with a group of friends, it's a great option. Some apartment complexes will have a common area, a swimming pool, and/or organize barbecues for the guests, so you still get to meet a lot of new people, even in the comfort of your own private space. 


Hotels are perfect if you're looking for total privacy. Hotels and resorts offer more luxury and privacy, but don't often evolve around common areas. So if you're looking for a place to totally relax, have your own private space and not have to deal with anyone else - a hotel room is perfect for you. Hotels come in different forms as well; with or without pool, in/outside a city centre, etc.

There is a large variety of options available when it comes to accommodation. To best help you, just let us know what you value and what you're trying to get out of your holiday, and we'll advise you the best accommodation for you (and your travel buddies).

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